Why It Is Important To Always Organise Your Handbag & Have Credit On Your Phone

Here I am, travelling again.

This time I went back to my sweet hometown Italy: I started my journey on November 7th from Colombo (Sri Lanka), passing by  Stockolm, Sweden, for a couple of days to meet my good friend Josefine and landing in Rome on November 9th in the evening, without my baggage.

After I don’t know how many flights in total, It finally happened to me as well: I lost my baggage with all the souvenirs, clothes and other essential stuff inside. I did have a handbag with me as well, with NO winter clothes inside (not a smart move!). Coming from a 30 degrees C country to a 14 degree one, there is a bit of a difference!

Whats more? It was midnight and something when I went out from the airport and there were no more trains or buses to go to Rome downtown. Trains stop at 11.23pm, buses at 11.53pm …

I got a taxi, and paid him 48 euro for a 20 minutes ride to my friend’s place in Rome, where i was supposed to stay for that night, before reaching my hometown in Tuscany the day after.

Things don’t easily end there: 

On my way to the apartment, I realised I had no credit and few battery on my italian phone, and the Srilankan one didn’t work. I couldn’t call my friend Silvia, who was waiting for me, to tell her I was coming. Well, no big deal after all.. I remembered the address and the apartment door, I would have just rang the bell and that’s it!

At the door downstairs, there were about 20 different bells with different names on it, but Silvia’s last name wasn’t there. Damn it! After trying to ring someone’s bell with no result (it was 1.00am), I started to freak out. It’s not nice being in some dark streets in Rome alone in the middle of the night.

Luckily, very luckily, a family was walking on that desert street just at that time and they helped me to make a call to Silvia, who gracefully opened the door to me and lend me her winter clothes later on.  Pheeew! 🙂

What I learnt that day? Always have credit and battery on the phone and organise my handbag . =)




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