Constantly Looking For That Brother’s Love

The more I start something from zero, changing cities, countries, the more I have to look for a ‘touch of family” no matter where I am in the world, or how many people I know there.

It’s so hard for me to trust people, however, I am constantly looking for that brother’s love, who can support me, protect me, or, simply being there to let me feel safe. Living a life far from the family might seem a ‘selfish” thing for someone, thinking that this girl just wants to enjoy her life abroad, not caring about how much her relatives can suffer from her choice.

In fact, to me, it’s the total opposite. Distance makes me appreciate home, more than before; it makes me love my people more than ever. I am simply living my life far more passionately and deeper than I was used to do before. It makes me appreciate little but precious things: a smile, a warm hug, a kiss.

In the era of new technologies, digital and virtual communication seems to break distances, by interacting with people, geographically close or far away. Personally talking, it creates barriers. We are only getting more and more used to be satisfied with a sweet emoticon on What’s App, that we forget what’s real in life. And that’s why I am pretty much always in need to “touch” my loved ones. It’s like saying:
“Let my body tell you how much I am grateful for having you in my life”.

It’s a matter of feeling, and not just talking. Words can be forgotten, while feelings stay in our memories forever.

What else to look for if not for a pure brother’s love that can fill your heart with happiness?!

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