From Colombo (SL) to China, And 3 Stops in Between: Part 1 – Macau

I started my journey from Colombo (Sri Lanka), flying over the ocean all the way to Kuala Lumpur, where I was supposed to have a stop-over of 2 hours; it ended up with us, getting stuck on an Air Asia plane for about 2 hours more, without moving.

This is the result of taking a cheap flight! Not that true. It can happen even with the world’s best airline companies. It’s a matter of luck. =)

The good thing of Air Asia, though it’s a low-cost airline company, is that it gives you the possibility and the right to complain by filling the form on its official website. They say it usually takes about 2 weeks to get a reply from them (I’m still waiting, let’s see how it goes).

Took the flight, and got off in Hong Kong to visit some old friends of mine, that I met during my working life in China: Dino (from Italy) & my brother Joohoo (from Korea).


As we never visited Macau, which is just 2 hours away by ferry from Hong Kong we decided to pay a day trip visit there.

Macau: Very well known place for gambling, lots of casinos, sex and rock’n roll. Everything you can imagine, like a little Vegas. As we were going there during the day we weren’t expecting fun, as everybody would sleep at that time. But.. we got a surprise! And it’s called “The old Macau”-

I didn’t even know that there was such an historical hidden part of Macau: it definitely makes the city special, with its Portuguese touch, due to previous invasions from Portugal. I, as an European, felt at home.

A small city on the hills of the island, with colours, flowers, ruines, churches and tons of people around, Christmas shopping.

Ruines of Saint Paulo’s Church:


Walls and colours:


People around:


View of one part of the island:



The Casino part:


It was definitely a great surprise! Food and things are way cheaper than Hong Kong or downtown Macau.

Worth a visit!

To go to Macau from Hong Kong: Take the ferry at Kowloon; it leaves every hour. And remember to buy round trip tickets, otherwise the customs in Macau won’t let you in!

Enjoy! 🙂




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