No heels, no make-up: shirts, t-shirts and Nike sneakers for 10 days of pure adventure and life.

“If a man is not ready to risk his life, where is his dignity?” – Andre Malraux

When I booked my trip to China, Vietnam and Cambodia my friends told me to take care, be safe, some places are dangerous over there, there are poor people so even more violence to get money from you etc.

In my mind it was just an other stereotype that the majority of the people have in mind when they stick to the news they read on the web. Danger can be everywhere at anytime. Even next to your home. So why being afraid to travel? Let’s pack the baggage and go.

So I did it. I took 10 days off to kind of escape from all the issues that I was facing in life, from family, work, cultural differences, street harassments etc. And it turned out to be the best decision ever: the right vacation, at the right time.

My mind was completely full of thoughts, wrong ones: I was just seeing black the whole time. No positivity at all, no patience, no faith or hope, nothing. I was totally unhappy and the worst thing was that I didn’t know how to make myself happy; I wasn’t even confident of my trip, my mind was having too much power on me that I couldn’t see clear, until I actually landed in Guangzhou, China. My China. When I first step out of the plane and I felt that stinky smell on the air, my first thought was:

“Oh my dear China, how much I have missed you!” – I was already happy there, even if the weather was bad. And that says already a lot.

10308887_10205595392156781_986296462902626977_n  10411186_10205595395356861_4178455457098677153_n

Why did I go to China instead of going back to Italy if I was so worried about life? Just because I consider my previous Chinese experience to be one of the hardest ones of my life, where I had so many difficult moments for my first 9 months there, that I was going crazy about it… but somehow I managed to overcome that challenge!

I went from “I hate China, I wanna go home now!” to “I freaking love this place. The best life lesson!”

And going back to China reminded me that there is a solution for everything, I just don’t have to give up. =)

Worth to say also that I felt at home and so much loved thanks to my Chinese and Korean brothers, my previous company and previous customers from different part of the world. It is always amazing to meet people you shared meaningful experiences with, after so long time. Especially one: my funny, tall, smart and lovely brother Joohoo, from Korea.


I stayed in GZ just 2 days, and flew to Vietnam, Hanoi on June 12, where I stayed for about 6 hours, visiting the city ( that’s why long layovers are useful for), before heading to Nha Trang (South East of Vietnam).

Hanoi City:

10418219_10205595435597867_8199899056864214445_n 10351962_10205595433037803_4774776561201739852_n

10857842_10205595435037853_365123196622983851_n 10945677_10205595435357861_5401155502306713854_n

11412212_10205595432757796_1891158948577991640_n 10470582_10205595431597767_8659263972260861504_n

I took the second plane and landed in Nha Trang beach.. I would say, amazing beach: clean, quiet, with a good nightlife. The place was full of Russians, but so full of them that local people was speaking Russian instead of English. And that’s the funniest part of my trip: I speak 6 languages, but not even a word in Russian.  “-.- And of course all of the other 6 languages were not so useful to let locals understand me, unless they were tourist guides or so.

Anyway I stayed there three days, visiting the islands next to it: Vinpearl islands. My public transport to go there? The world’s longest cable car. =P

1795580_10205595448598192_4229413346196790973_n 10845924_10205595435917875_4427549567434743699_n 10858005_10205595436997902_367794837826272744_n 11537239_10205595463158556_3106672088340491662_n 10349160_10205595445198107_1013763894660091819_n 10426328_10205595465758621_2322808523535220294_n 1554390_10205595466638643_8994373363044852434_n 17314_10205595465438613_4202026292879103742_n

11537702_10205595449758221_251543360932356230_n 10369196_10205595454278334_4681815103389733301_n

10491208_10205595468238683_130427911411079906_n 11140286_10205595478118930_1974183365647795478_n

I used to walk a lot around the city and on the beach, while enjoying the panorama and the beautiful relaxing atmosphere. That’s all I needed: having fun while travelling, take a looooot of pictures, learn about the culture and the people, but more important discover myself, again and again. It’s like an endless lesson. Gandhi was right, we never stop learning.

And that’s the beauty of life: keep moving forward.


What did I learn besides the Chinese-Vietnamese culture and history? I learnt to forgive people.

My grandma used to tell me that, even before she passed away:

“You will never forget, but forgive them all. It makes your soul feel better. Remember from where you come from and be kind.”

With my difficult strong personality I rarely forgive someone that really hurt me in life, especially when I know I gave all of me to him/her, in terms of friendship, relationships etc. But that is something that is not useful at all: I created this armor all of these years to kind of protect me for being hurt, and then, it actually doesn’t protect me at all. It just makes people kind of afraid of me at first.

It’s a big discover to me! And I am glad I realized that. Of course I am not gonna change over night, but I already did some steps forward and I’m feeling much much better.  =) =) =)

Where to end this “detoxing and discovering” trip if not in Cambodia?! The place where you realize that all your “problems” are nothing. You get to know what  “humanity” really means over there.

I feel my words will be never enough to describe the kindness of people in Cambodia, so I’ll just say this: pure and simple. They don’t even try to rip you off (as a tourist, it always happens everywhere!). Sometimes they even refused my tips… O.o

Travelling from Phnom Penh to Siem reap by  bus is the best choice: you’ll see the naked Cambodia.

Had an amazing time and kids were the image of happiness.

1977349_10205595502759546_1684599616814837188_n 1656279_10205595569001202_1183041390111859583_n   10402988_10205595571801272_3457043145745594146_n 1607104_10205595604482089_7331353372683453160_n

10402945_10205595605402112_6950406627836074571_n 10479421_10205595568361186_2090498895912958384_n

11063812_10205595587841673_8335374021467806473_n 10390016_10205595515959876_2591182439909716438_n

11219323_10205595494519340_8614110073677470227_n 11215782_10205595518919950_544813709735065878_n

11377368_10205595483679069_7917568165759399142_n 11427717_10205595491239258_7014882474592418972_n

10363386_10205595594121830_7428967427899366581_n 11403013_10205595601282009_8074652385969799532_n

Before coming back to Colombo, I had a layover in Bangkok, Thailand… few hours to meet my close friend Sarah, eat some yummy food and take some of our usual selfies:


Briefly… it was all a gift. I came back to Sri Lanka with a big smile and a warmer heart.

The end of my journey – with a special thanks to my Nike sneakers.

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.” (Marcel Proust)

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  1. I would like to visit these countries!! last year I went to Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore and I’d really like to explore more Southeast Asian Countries! They must be very pretty!!


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