#60 My East African discover: Part 1 -Kenya

Here I am finally writing about the amazing trip I had during last summer.

Why did I chose East Africa? First of all I had this particular attraction to the land of Djibouti for its economical growth and its strategical position and I wanted to know more, exploring myself what the land could really offer.

That’s why I decided to link Djibouti with Ethiopia and Kenya as its neighbour countries.

My journey started on August 9th with the flight Rome – Cairo- Nairobi. 


Nairobi is indeed a city full of discoveries: the mix of nature, wildlife and urban life make it real. I stayed in Nairobi only for 2 days, but yet I had the pleasure to feel the most of it: people are friendly, smiley, love jokes and most important they love dancing! Music is indeed in their blood. Best place for it? Marquee Kenya! A wonderful rooftop bar where you can admire magical sunsets and dance all night long.

What’s the best thing of travelling? Finding always good people and get reunited together in different parts of the world. In this case I could meet my Kenyan friend Brenda, who I first met in Sri Lanka some years back, when we used to call Colombo “home”. Good wild memories!

Honestly I did not take as many pictures as I was supposed to during the day- I kind of enjoyed my time walking around downtown or in remote areas where electricity was even missing. Funny thing is that before coming to Africa I didn’t even check the weather temperatures, stupidly assuming a hot weather eventually. But nope! Not in Nairobi (and not even in Addis later on – what a bad choice not checking the weather!).

The Giraffe centre is something not to forget to visit once around – amazing unique experience trying to get the kiss from those tall creatures! Plus I could even meet Pumba from The Lion King, what else?! 🙂

From Nairobi I flew directly to the beautiful crystalline waters of Watamu, where I stayed around 2 days: lifestyle is quite different from Nairobi, you can feel it’s a very touristic place where most locals even speak Italian better than me at times!

Being the area quite windy during seasons, it’s a great place for the wind sport lovers, and the presence of kite schools are your assets to make it a fully powered up journey!

To the ones who know me, you know I can’t really travel without starring at sunsets all the time! And that’s where the beautiful sunset at Crab Shack kicks in:

And now it comes the part I enjoyed more: the villages in Kikambala region, around 2.5  hours from Watamu (just near Mombasa).

I literally just walked, walked and walked – and yes, forget about wifi & road electricity during night time there! I met so many people and kids running towards me saying this magical word “Jambo” all the time, with big smiles on their faces. Some of them were playing football on sandy fields, some of them were running on the grass and some other were helping their mothers outside home.

In one word? Simplicity. The only word that can truly open my heart.

Thank you once again. I wish I could spend more time there, eating randomly at a mama house, laughing all the time because we could not understand each other and playing around with all those kids.


These were my last days in Kenya before flying to my so desired Djibouti.

Oh yes.. Kenya got the crown of my country number 60th, and my mission 60 before 30 has been realised!


To be continued –



6 thoughts on “#60 My East African discover: Part 1 -Kenya

  1. I was in Kenya many years ago and I can not forget the colors and the liveliness of the landscape. But overall I remember the children’s smile, which is impressed on my mind


  2. I’m 78 years old. I can’t trip for Africa. but beautiful Sunset , wonderful kids’s smile , I’m not forget.
    Teacher Feddy has strong aspiration. I’m respect and appreciate. Thank you .

    Liked by 1 person

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