My family loves to describe me as a “world’s daughter”.

I’m 100% Italian and proud to be, with all of the so called italian temper, passion and love. I was born in a little village in Tuscany, up in the hills, with 900 hundred people around and many animals to feed. When 15, my family moved to a cute sunny town on the tuscan coast, called Follonica, with a population of 30,000, now considering it my beloved hometown.

When 18 I moved to the Capital of the Capitals for my studies, the untouchable Rome, and I felt in love with it. During my 3 years in Rome I had the opportunity to spend some time in Madrid and Paris as an Erasmus Program, however, due to my “relationship” at that time I (stupidly) decided not to leave him alone, giving up on my personal desires.

Luckily we all grow up at some point, and we do understand the mistakes: that’s why after my Degree I took a flight to San Francisco and did my Master Program there. I was the happiest person in the world.

The worst part came when I could not find a proper job after my Master, that was able to give me an H1 Visa (working permit), and had to fly back to Italy with tears on my face and no clue on my future plans.

Not even two weeks back home and I got a call from my University in Rome reminding me that I was accepted to the Aiesec Program and still have time to go abroad for a working experience through them. Long story short: I was accepted to work in an unknown Chinese city called YuYao for 4 months. Despite my willing to refuse the opportunity as my fear of the unknown was too big, I ended up accepting it.

And that’s where everything began. 🙂

29 years old, 56 countries visited and a huge Love for challenges.

IG: feddysworld



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  1. Nawaf says:

    You’re almost there, 50 countries before 30 is a huge goal
    I can’t wait to see the coming countries you will go to
    Good luck


    1. Thank you Nawaf! Yes I am almost there and soon you will get to see my 50th country. 🙂


  2. Wow! Love your backstage presentation and looking forward to read much more about your travels. Keep counting new countries 🙂


    1. Feddysworld says:

      🙂 Thank you! Will keep it up 🙂


  3. Che bella descrizione!!! In particolare, “figlia del mondo”! Mi piace un sacco: caratterizza il desiderio di conoscere… l’Altro.
    Sei già a 57: wow!! Stima!! Prossime mete?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Feddysworld says:

      Si 🙂 Prossime mete.. non sono ancora sicure, ma credo Israele, Gibuti e Etiopia!


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