There is no place like home: Follonica Beach

It’s now almost 5 years that I am living abroad, country hopping. While I always aim to discover new worlds, inside me, I always have that little special space in my heart for my sweet hometown in Italy: Follonica.

Whataver amazing place I visit, there is no other place like home.


Traveling makes you appreciate home, yes. Even though each time I go back home I want to leave after couple of weeks (mainly cause of my different vision of life and mentality), the feeling that I have when I touch my territory is pure happiness.

Besides all the meaningful people that I have there, family and friends, Follonica is actually a very nice place to visit, especially during summer.

1) Beautiful beaches and sea:



2) Stunning sunsets

follo tramonto

3) You can enjoy a nice walk along the coast


4) Sunbathing at its best comfort


5) Shopping and enjoying the view along the pedestrian zone

(God knows how I miss pedestrian zones now)

via italia

6) Party: on the beach or in exotic clubs



7) Riding a bike into the nature



From having a cappuccino with a soft, warm croissant full of cream in the morning, to the various types of pasta or spaghetti for lunch, or enjoying a big plate of fresh fish with a nice glass of white wine for dinner, and a Tiramisu as a dessert! (and not only that) =P

capp  brioche

pasta pesce

pizza tiramisu

And a lot more…

I guess I miss my lovely hometown. Happy Summer my friends!

“A presto” Follonica!

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