Globetrotting…. from Sri Lanka to Dominican Republic

My journey started on December 18th, from Colombo, Sri Lanka, where I was living for about 4 months.


It actually didn’t start that good, as once at the airport, the ladies from Etihad airlines told me that my flight was the day BEFORE… so I stayed, with my friend Sarah, about an hour and a half waiting for an answer or solution from Etihad Abu Dhabi (headquarter): after that we finally got those tickets (without any extra charges, thank you Etihad!) to get on that plane. Direction: Amsterdam.

10 hours flight and we finally landed in Amsterdam, where we stayed for about a day and a half, trying all the typical things there and get to know the city. A little not relevant detail: we were used to live at 35 C degrees, in Amsterdam it was 1 C. Great! =)

The day after I had to say bye to my colleague and friend Sarah and flew to Pisa, for a short layover of one day where I had the chance to take my car and drive to 3 different cities in Tuscany and say HI to all of my relatives and most of my friends.

So happy that I made it, I went to the airport again, in Rome, on December 21st. Luckily my dad asked me to check at what time I was flying and I was more than sure to fly at 5pm on that day, well… it wasn’t right! Departure time wast at 11am. (Am I getting old or..what?)

Once at the airport I got the ticket, direction: Philadelphia, USA. Where I stayed just for 3 hours, did my immigration answered to tons of questions to the policeman and flew to Charlotte, NC, where I stayed for a night. Such a pretty city and not that cold!


You guys start wondering, what day was that? It was December 22nd.

On December 23rd I flew from Charlotte to Punta Cana (3 hours and a half flight), Dominican Republic, took an expensive taxi (100 $) to go to Bayahibe and finally run to hug my sister Simona, spend the Christmas with her and yes… go to the beach and have fun thanks to the amazing equipe of entertainers from Veratour, which I name here: Gianmarco, Simona, Gigi, Titty, Agevolo, Andrea, Giorgio, Jessica, Pietro, Fabio, Alessandro, Choco, Pasqual e Rodolfo. Awesome team!

10428479_10204333913660607_4639517939956470122_n 10405501_10204333914780635_2785931808479426440_n




My wonderful vacation there ended on December 29th, where I flew ALL THE WAY BACK to Rome. It took me 2 days to arrive there as I stopped in Charlotte and Philadelphia again, where I was so glad to meet my black sister Katy, who I met in China the very first time two years ago, where our lives crossed together, and became not only good friends, but real sisters.


“Side by side, or miles apart, we are sisters connected by heart”


Briefly, I took 10 different flights, was up on the sky for a total of 46 hours, visited 5 different countries.. all in 13 days.

And yes… I landed in Rome on the 31st and took 2 trains to go home.

What an amazing world!

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