Country Number 40: Walking and Eating Tour In Sweden!

If somebody doesn’t know, I have a goal to achieve before turning 30 (well, more than one, but this is the craziest): 50 countries to visit.  It sounds possible, though it’s a bit funny for my friends: they still laugh about it. Anyway, everybody has its own goals and desires in life: there is somebody who  wants to create a family, and there is someone who thinks about what country next. 😛

It’s getting more and more difficult to explain to your family once you pass the second half of your 20’s and they start questioning you about your next future…

I then book an other ticket. I sometimes wonder if I am escaping from all the questions or if I am just in need to know more about the world. Maybe both!

Well, there I am then: first time in a nordic country, with local friends. Sweden got the number 40 on my TripAdvisor list of cities/countries that I’ve visited.


I flew to Stockholm in beginning of November. Three words to describe Sweden: Perfection, fresh air and “Fika”.


The majority seem to be perfect: perfect height, perfect size, perfect skin, perfect hair, perfect outfit. Wow! I was astonished.

It’s kind of positive and negative at the same time, like my local friend Josefine says: “Everybody, either men or women, are attentive to details. They care a lot about how they look, and this turns out to be a standard”.

My question is: “If we care that much all the time about small details of how we look, how we talk, how we act etc.. Aren’t we missing something called Simplicity?”

Fresh air:

Nothing to be worried about the air you are breathing there, it just helps you to be healthier and healthier. If you go to the countryside it is even better.




What’s Fika?

Fika is considered a social institution in Sweden; it means having a break, most often a coffee break, with one’s colleagues, friends, date or family. It’s very popular: you walk around and you see those pastry/coffee places full of people having a break in front of a coffee/tea/juice and lots of sweets. Paradise for me! =)





Thanks to my very good friend Josefine who took me on a “walking & eating” tour around the city: A must visit for everybody once in a lifetime!

I now experienced the cold weather there, I would definitely visit again during summer. =)






2 thoughts on “Country Number 40: Walking and Eating Tour In Sweden!

  1. i visited Stockholm 2 years ago, during 5 cold days in april….almost at the end of this month…it’s a really elegant city and, and not so expensive as the people think. In a place, which i don’t remember the name there were a plenty of blooming cherry trees…it was marvellous….a lot of people toke pictures…meanwhile it started to snow…such a weird experience! Great pictures!

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