Enthusiasm: The Passport That Takes You Everywhere

Between all the sentiments, it’s the most beautiful of all, as it is the most generous one. Enthusiasm is a contagious feeling. It creates joy and asks nothing.

Have you ever had those days where you are wondering who you really are?

I recently experienced a strong feeling of dissatisfaction for the life I choose to live in: everything came to the point where emotions disappeared. My job was passive, too slow, my private life had no big changes, everything was flat, common, the same. Same schedule every single weekday, and weekends to spend hanging out with friends: same places, same crowd, same things to do. It was a “routine”. Just before realizing the fact I was living a routine life, which I have always hated, considering it boring and useless, I catch my flight to what I call  “the land of respect”, Japan.

It was almost three months that I didn’t leave the country, being not able to feel that excitement inside myself for quite a long time.

It was time to wake up and recharge myself.

The moment I landed there, besides the fact that everything was functional, though nobody could speak a word in English, I easily found my way to go from Osaka airport to Osaka downtown and finally meet my one of a kind special sister, Naho.

Our friendship began in San Francisco in 2011, where we used to study. None of us could have ever imagined to build such a strong relationship that let us meet around the world, almost every year. From China, to Thailand and Japan. But you know, the secret ingredient to get things done in life is just one: Enthusiasm. It makes your soul feel alive, and the only thing you spread out to the world is joy and happiness.


What’s beautiful in Japan? Besides the stunning places I have visited, the people are the ones who got my full heart and respect. Though at first they seem to be cold, it’s just a first impression, as their ability to speak foreign languages is not high and common; as a consequence, they are scared and shy to interact with different people.

Inside their heart, Japanese people are so much respectful and gentle with everyone and that is the reason why I love them. I as a foreigner, and my friends Naho and Maho, we tried to break that wall of shyness and fear coming from their side by participating to the “Free Hugs” campaign: we stand in the middle of Osaka station waiting to hug strangers.

And that was the best moment of the whole vacation! I think I have never smiled that much at the same time. Inside and outside.


12003950_10206201200541612_8129490883230649382_n  12004961_10206201188541312_2075800798775736109_n

People were happy, kind and everybody was taking pictures with us. We had so much fun, sharing love to strangers. If I think about it, still, I get emotional. It’s something that each of us should try to do in life. In this age of social disconnectivity and lack of human contact, the effects of such a campaign can change your life vision. Simply phenomenal.

I was finally satisfied. And being satisfied, to me, is pure happiness.

I now know that I need some changes in life, and Japan woke me up! =)


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