The Kingdom of Bahrain

What do you do on a weekend in Saudi Arabia? Go visit Bahrain!

The Kingdom of Bahrain, in fact, is just a tiny cute island next to Qatar and in front of the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. It can be reached by car through Dammam directly, or by flight. I took a Flynas flight from Riyadh to Manama, the capital city in Bahrain: comfortable and quick (around 45 minutes).


I went there for a weekend trip with my good friend Josefine, who travelled all the way from Sweden to Bahrain to visit me and the island, for two short days. That’s the beauty of worldwide friendships: calling each other and organise a trip to meet again!

Back to Bahrain: we only had time to visit Manama, the capital city, which is divided into two main parts: the Seef Area and the Diplomatic Quarter.

The Seef Area is more of a quiet place, surrounded by malls, few buildings/hotels and what I call it “The Japanese corner”:

Being the only ones walking around Manama under the sun, we decided to take a break and sit in a super nice coffee place, called “Nomad” (sounds like we match with each other! XD). I recommend to pay a visit there and taste their organic teas with home-made cookies. The design of the place is simply amazing, and very original. Good job to the minds behind this!

Let’s move now to the Diplomatic Quarter: full of skyscrapers, tone of hotels, towers, cars, the souq and places to eat.


We went for a very nice relaxing lunch on the beach at Novotel Resort Manama: fresh seafood and greens and fruit juice, while admiring the horizon.

I’m just addicted to rooftop bars and pools and we found it at Elite Grand Hotel in the Seef Area: perfect to chill out after a long walking day.


It was a short but intense visit! Bahrain as my Country #49 🙂