The Importance Of Closures In Life

My grandma used to tell me “Forgive, but never forget”.

As I am the typical fire italian girl, full of anger and principles that I need to follow when something goes wrong I kind of never understood what and why she was telling me that. I couldn’t see myself being kind again to someone that hurt me, in my mind I just need a revenge.

It took me 5 years to understand the meaning of that sentence. In those 5 years I never opened my mind and my heart to people completely, as my past was still there, going on a circle within my deepest thoughts. I couldn’t trust guys at all. And that’s probably why I never felt in love.

Closures are meant to create health in yourself, your heart and your mind. They are there to make a balance between your mind and your heart: no more fights. The heart always wants what it wants, and the mind should be there to save it just on time when it’s needed, but not to take control of any kind of emotions that the heart wants to show to the outside.

Closures are meant to make you wiser, happier and free. You analyse what you did, what people did to you, you understand your and their mistakes, and most important: you finally understand you did everything you could. 

Your soul is clean and ready to move on. A better you is on the way.

Don’t forget what the past did for you, it’s all a growing path; forgive people, forgive yourself and remember how to Love.




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