The Unconditional Love For Being Simple

19.03: When in Italy we celebrate the Father’s day, I am always in an other country sending thoughts to my one and only dad.

Each year my thoughts and love for him get stronger and deeper. I guess every person that knows me well, got to know how much I am in love with my father, being not only the example of the man I would like to have one day, but the simple example of human being.

Simplicity: I want to stick to this word as the more we grow up in an era of innovation and technology, the more difficult is to relate to simple things.

I have already touched this matter and the daily challenge that life hides to us, by apparently giving us the chance to connect to the world with a click, sending love through emoticons and Facebook stickers, getting us addicted to a “fake world” made of distance: the more we use technologies to spread our love around and to get closer, the less we do it in reality, when the human touch is needed.

But my father reminds me how simple and powerful is to give a hug, how a big smile can let smile an other person with no reasons, how the more care you have for your people and pets, the better you will feel in your everyday life.

And all this… comes back to one thing: love & be simple.

Happy father’s day Italy!

I got blessed to have him.


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