Say “No” to Travel Coaching!

What one gets out of their travels can be quite a personal experience. Some people travel to ‘find themselves’. Some people travel to experience different cultures and customs. Some people travel to see the wonders of the world or the iconic landmarks. And for some people, travel for the feeling of freedom it gives them.

For me travel is about all of the above.  -Travel Blogger Nicole

I and my good friend Karin have recently bumped into some people sharing particular news and articles coming from Italy that completely shocked us. Something we didn’t even know the existence of it: ‘Travel Coaching”

Apparently there is an increasing amount of business coming from those people who call themselves a ” solo traveler”, that are trying to help other people to travel by themselves, encouraging and supporting them emotionally. And yes, it’s a proper business! Those people ask for money, with a smaller or a bigger request.

But who are they? Well, nobody knows them. They might be inspirational people who travel the world for the seek of something. But at the end, you are paying someone that you don’t even know; they don’t know you, how could you expect they give you the right suggestions?

Travelling is so personal, and the purest thing on earth that can not be taught. Never ever.

I, as a solo traveler, got a bit offended by those kind of people that are trying to “speculate” with one of the only thing that remains natural nowadays.

Sadly is also important to say that people are afraid to travel alone, especially from my own country, Italy. Reasons might be a lot, such as parents, too much worried, boyfriends or girlfriends, something you have in mind which is just an excuse you are telling yourself NOT to book that ticket online.

Because it’s all about your mind! Nobody is there to force you to stay at home and not travel. Seriously, nobody. If you have the time, the money and the willing to do something, Just do it. Go and you’ll never ever regret your choices!

We all were afraid too at first. Nothing to be ashamed of. That’s how it goes for everyone.


My own advice is to take the plunge. Once you land wherever you decide to go, you’ll feel empowered enough that all your concerns about feeling lonely will wash away. And it’s true that wanderlust is contagious. I’ve already booked my next trip.

I’ll post some of my favorite pics I took around the world…

Medellin, Colombia


Sao Paulo Downtown, Brazil


Great Wall of China, Beijing, China


Iguazu Waterfalls, Argentina – Brazil


Huacachina, Peru


The Colosseum, Rome, Italy


Fez, Morocco: Working the leather


Burj Khalifa, Dubai, UAE


Notre Dame de Paris, France


Siem Reap, Cambodia


Sri Lanka


Shanghai, China


And the best of the best: Machu Picchu, Peru


Got enough ideas to stop wondering if you should go or not alone?

Don’t waste time waiting for others, pack your baggage and discover the world. You’ll come back with new eyes.

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