“She is my one and only one”

If there was a different word to describe a “best friend” I would rather use it, cause the girl I’m gonna talk about in this post is something I cant describe with just those two common words. She is so special, that I have to create a new word to fit her qualities.

I’ll just stick saying she is the one and the only one for me. That might sounds too romantic, but in fact, I love her like a sister or a mother. She is part of my family. Her name is Nancy.

Weird to say that I use to meet her maybe once a year, when it goes well or sometimes even once in 2 years. She is the one who makes me feel upset when she cant make it to meet me when I am around in Italy. She is the craziest person I know, she likes having fun, going to parties, within different cities, she doesn’t like studying that much but she is a hard worker and respect her family like I do for mine. God knows why almost everytime I am in Italy she never ends up to make to see me, and we both end up being upset. Last flight I took from Italy to Sri Lanka, I couldn’t stop crying, cause of her last message:

“I missed the early bus. But I took an other one, came home and was ready to come to you. I thought you would have left later to go to the airport. I really thought that. But you already left. I’m sorry.”

I was on my way to the airport in Rome and couldn’t come back anymore. There was such a big need of a hug at that time, from both sides. Then, we could even just have been without words. She understands me with nothing, no need to talk. And viceversa.

I relate her with the girl of the book “The sorrows of Young Werther” (Goethe): she gives me so many feelings inside that I cant explain to the rest of the world what I feel for her. Same for my sister. They just ARE. Other adjectives would just lessen their meaning in my life.

We have been far away from each other since we both started universities in two different places in Italy. Even though I was having a very strict relationship with my ex boyfriend, and used to take distance from my friends, I was still close with her. She knew when I was sad, when I was having enough of all that situation. She shout at me, treated me like s***, to help me open my eyes and see what I was going through. Whenever I was doing something stupid, that was going to end up just hurting myself, she was there to remind me to love myself first. Even with a phone call.

Since I left Italy, we don’t talk that much and don’t even talk in details except for important situations. Let’s say we text each other almost once or twice a month sometimes, nothing special. But we both know we are always with each other. And we know when to text each other: at the right time, with the right simple words. Always like that. Weird. We always got kind of shocked when these kind of coincidences happen, but, in fact, we know that we were meant to be special for each other.

Whenever I start to tell her something, she already knew my feelings. From a picture on Facebook for example. From my tired smiles, that neither I was able to see it in those pics, but SHE DID. And it’s all true.

At the end, I have a lot of great friends and not just good, and they know I love them, but she is the one and only one who can understand myself before I actually do.

I wish more people could have this kind of friendship, we would all be less talkative and more effective, straight to the point.

Ti voglio bene Tapia. 😉

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