True Colours: Their Actions Speak Louder Than Words

27 years old and a story which is rich in its adventures, fun moments, memories, people to remember and people to lock in that space called heart. But it’s also rich of “negative” feelings such as loneliness, anger, frustration that all lead to some of the most positive and useful moments in life:

Life Lessons.

These lessons could be described as defining moments that are remembered. Although we learn many things each day, we don’t always learn something that we feel will affect our behavior for the rest of our lives. A Life lesson is something we feel profoundly changed by.

I’ve been recently going through a big change in my life: I now speak to myself, look at my actions and I start to realise what’s wrong and what to change, to become a better person.

Well, people don’t change. That’s the first rule to understand if we want to live good. But people can modify themselves and one of the greatest way to do that is leaving the comfort zone, escaping from what we used to feel as safe and soon realising that it wasn’t that safe or comfortable at all.

Comfot zone

And yes, I escape too. Every single time I keep changing countries. Not from problems, but from something I feel it’s too small for me and not worth my energies.

However leaving a place is quite easy to do, leaving the people that makes your story rich can be challenging sometimes. What I learnt from all the times I said “goodbye” is that if people are meant to stay in your life, they do stay. No matter the distance.

That’s the beauty of my journey alone: whenever I face problems, smaller or bigger ones, there are people in my life, in different parts of the world who are there to support me no matter what. They can host you for weeks in their home, feed you, hug you, cross oceans, talk to you for hours on Skype, text you every single day, make you laugh about the problems, let you deeply think about what happened and why it did happen, and finally they all let you smile at the end of the day. 

These are the ones I call my “True Colours”, as their actions speak louder than words.

By the way,did you know that a simple questions like: “How are you feeling now?” can actually change someone’s day in better?

There are times in life where we should let our heart talk instead of the mind: It’s called Love.