#59: Sharing Kindness in Tirana, Albania

Please avoid misconceptions when choosing your next travel destination.

We are growing up, trying to be good adults in a world full of anger, hate, racism, envy. This is a very hard task to do nowadays – and I can see it’s not for everybody. However, I keep telling myself not to give up and let the others see how the world really is, based on my travels and experiences and not from what people see through a screen, or read on a newspaper.

My last trip was for business – I went to Tirana, the capital of Albania for just 3 days.


Unfortunately there has been lots of facts in Italy that did not put Albanian people at the right level, hence all these bad news against them put the country and its people under the label of  being “Not good”.

I always think that we should not generalise, as good and bad people are almost everywhere. And we certainly do have bad people in Italy too (a lot of italians, in fact!).

Getting back to my trip: as soon as I stepped out of the airport, I could notice the kindness of Albanian people. Not many of them could speak english, but some could understand a bit of Italian. Anyhow, they were all there to help me find out which was the best way to go to the city.


Tirana is a very colourful city, I was not expecting it at all. Definitely full of flowers and green all over the city… and, full of cafés! Cafés everywhere! Like, really.. they were at every single corner. More than in Turkey probably!

Coffee is unbelievably cheap and tastes so good. That’s why people enjoy reading a book in a café, instead of being home. Cultural details!

It was indeed a pleasure discovering Tirana and its people.

I strongly recommend a visit and already look forward to come back again for a chance to explore the surrounding area and the beaches.