What Walt Disney Did Not Teach Us, Life Did

I am from the “Walt Disney” generation of girls, so yes, I am a dreamer after all, though I’ll turn 27 in a bit, I still dream about my future Prince like a little girl. Because at the end, we all are dreamers, even if we won’t tell our best friends not to sound ridiculous.

What Walt Disney didn’t teach us, is that before actually find the right man in life, there are going to be few experiences that might hurt us a bit. And that’s why we kind of dwell on dreams.

When you are a teenager there is always someone in the family to remind you that you have to look for a boy with qualifications. I got something like this:

  • He has to be rich
  • He has to be a hard worker
  • He has to be Italian, better if from North of Italy
  • He has to treat you good, taking you out for dinner, go on holidays, shopping etc.
  • He has to be handsome
  • He has to be a Juventus supporter. (Lol. Italians)
  • He must have the approval of your father before anything else.

Wow. That was a pretty strict way of choosing my future boyfriend. But hey, I did find the type of guy that my family wanted me to find, two times! Both times didn’t work out.

Something was missing.

Once I started travelling, for the first years, working abroad, coming back to Italy every once in a while, always alone, and getting older and older… the qualifications for the “right guy” got some changes:

  • He can be Italian, European, American
  • If he doesn’t like football, no problem!
  • If he is not handsome, that’s ok
  • You have your carrier, he doesn’t need to be rich

After 5 years I now come back home and the only thing they say to me:

  • He can be anyone, as long as you are happy with him.

Here is my reply to my mom:

You think it’s easy to find a guy nowadays that makes you really happy? No, it’s not. But the problem are not the guys, mom. It’s myself. And I tell you why:

  • When guys approach me on Facebook, saying “hi” and I don’t reply, and they keep doing it until I say “Don’t you have other words to say?”, I delete them all. It’s stupid.
  • When guys see me and say: “you are so pretty” without even ask my name before, I thank them and run away. It’s useless.
  • When guys see me in a club and ask me : “can I buy you a drink?” . Mom, I say No! I can buy the drink by myself.
  • When guys ask me to go out  and I know they have girlfriends, I refuse and start mothering them on how they have to respect their women.
  • When they ask me to drive me home and then they show up with these big expensive cars to impress me, I thank them and get a tuk tuk to go home by myself.

They are all the same! So boring.

  • When I finally find a guy who is not like that, I feel he is special, and I start giving all of me first as a friend, second as a girl. At the end mom, I get disappointed; especially as a friend. I didn’t expect anything material, just some care. But mom, you didn’t tell me that this is a world of selfish people!

I want a honest, simple, respectful and hard worker man who cares about me. That’s all I want. And you know: being simple is not simple. So next time I come back home don’t be surprised if I’ll still be a single lady. This is the price I have to pay for having a brain to talk about almost anything, the balls that men don’t have and a little big heart”.

I should contact Walt Disney and let them re-write every romantic movies, according to what the reality is.

Just kidding! Let the little girls keep dreaming. =)