Why Visiting Budapest During Winter Can Be A Surprise

Not ready yet for the countdown, however welcome country N. 42: Budapest, Hungary.


It was literally freezing, with only -5°,  -6° C. If I would have got to chose to go there in summer, and not in winter, I would have done it… though I would have lost all this magic beauty around, that surprised me and my friend Silvia. Snow was all around the city, making it even more charming.

It’s kind of weird when you are used to live in tropic countries for quite a while and you don’t ever get to see or touch the snow. It’s almost like you forget about its existence. And you actually can live without. But.. in my 27 years old life, with all the planes I took, all the countries I visited, I had never experienced the emotion to get out of the plane and feel the snow on my face till the day we land in Budapest.

We were completely excited like kids.



Getting into details about Budapest and its transportation system: from the airport to the city it’s very easy, though quite far. It almost took an hour, more or less, to get to downtown. We first had to take the bus and then the metro. The subway is an old-fashioned one, and that’s what I like most about it: it goes well with the old and superior architecture that the city has.

As a tourist, it’s easy to get to famous places just by walking, though you need to be ready to walk quite a lot, up and downs. Not only a great workout, but at least you don’t miss to see those tiny details that every building can show to you. Simply amazing!

This city is rich in history, architecture, colours and food! The best way to explain this is to show some pics I took. Enjoy! =)

Pest and its Parliament:

While you are around this district, you’ll see how many cops are around. Don’t be scared, it’s their routine. The sign that this is a safe city.


The Cathedral:




From Buda looking at Pest: Colors and sunset


Colors in downtown:


Around Buda:






This city is something so amazing that I recommend it as the 3rd best city I’ve seen in Europe so far!