Saudi Arabia & Its Edge Of The World

In my last post I mentioned the existence of stunning places in Saudi Arabia. Taking into consideration that Saudi is really big, unless you travel by plane to other cities like Jeddah, there are not so many places to reach by car from Riyadh, however there are hidden gems that are worth to visit.

One of this is “The Edge Of The World”.


Approximately 2 hours by car from Riyadh, this is a must and breathtaking visit. It is very important to know that the only way to get there is by driving a 4X4 car or you’ll never reach the destination.


This spectacular spot is also out of any telephone or internet coverage, therefore make sure you don’t go adventuring by your own while there and always stick to the people you come with. When I went there with some friends, we actually ended up looking for a foreign girl who apparently went adventuring by her own (God knows where), while her group of friends were looking for her in opposite directions. It took sometimes to finally understand where she was, alive. The place is as beautiful as dangerous if you don’t take enough care of where you put your feet. I suggest to go there not only with sport clothes and tennis shoes, but also with no other things that can lead you to lose balance (ex: a bag), unless you know how to handle it.



Considered to be an escarpment that cuts to the plateau of Nejd in Central Arabia, Jebel Tuwaiq is 600 m high and also has a Middle Jurassic stratigraphic section.

Standing on it and admiring the infinite desert from the top it’s something to try at least once in a lifetime. If it was for me, I would even put it as one of the 7 wonders in the world. The vastness and magnificence of that place is what you can’t catch from pictures.

To have a perfect journey there, I suggest to leave early in the morning around 9AM, driving 2 hours, trying not to get lost, stay there couple of hours more, while having a picnic, and then drive back before sunset. If I am not mistaken the gate that takes you there closes at 5.30/6PM. Make sure you pass the gate before that time or you’ll have to wait the next day to come out! 🙂

Happy journey!