My 29th Wish – Educating The Ones Who Stayed

Time goes by, we become older and wiser (hopefully). We spend more time thinking about the future responsibilities and less time overthinking about the past and its what, why and how come.  Every year we add a part to our life, and create ourselves as we tend and shall be different from what we were the year before. We mature.

Today I’m 29.

I’ve travelled to 52 countries, lived in 9, met countless of people from different backgrounds, societies and cultures, made good friends all over the world, felt in love once, made mistakes, trusted the wrong people, worked a lot with passion and lived a full life. And will continue to do so.

At 29 I know what being heartbroken means, as well as its magic consequence, when you wake up one sunny day and you finally let go. Never felt so free in my life – How come a person you loved till just the day before can become such a stranger in your heart? Life is full of surprises apparently, and everything comes for a reason. What I learnt in this particular case is to show and defend, no matter what, the value I have: first, as a person, second, as a Woman.

At 29 I’ve lived in emerging countries where I have been harassed or hated just because I was white. There is something wrong in what we studied in our history classes at school and in the nowadays perception of what a white girl/woman is. Generally speaking, there are women and Women, as there are men and Men, in each country, in each religion and in each society – However we all (Women) shall not be categorised as prostitutes or something to play with just because our skin is white. We have a work, a family, a life, a career,a heart and  surely, some of us, including me, are not afraid to answer to the racist accusations or dirty comments thrown at us when walking on the street alone.

At 29 I’m ashamed of how Italy is generally so angry and against people from different neighbouring countries. Yes, there are a lot of illegal immigrants nowadays, too many and we know that our government is not helping this situation at all. However there are good and bad people in between them, as in between all of us in the world. We need to spot and classify them. What Italy needs is RULES, for everybody (italians included) – black, white, hispanic, muslims, catholics, buddhists, atheists and so on. We do not need such anger against people in our life, we need to create a system that works. A system with simple but rigid rules that everybody will be afraid to break. You make a mistake, you pay for it. You work hard and contribute to the economic development of the country, you won’t have problems.

My question is: “Why it has not been done till now and we still live in such a mess?” – I shall address this question to the “right” people.

At 29 I remember my dad’s words when I was a kid “This is a bad world hun, enjoy it till you are a child”. And I trust these words were not only related to wars or terrorist attacks here and there, but to the hidden mafia that it’s present within the business world, even when it’s something related to health: to call it one, the pharmaceutical industry.  Is cancer possible to beat? Well, apparently yes. And without all those money we give to hospitals and pharmacies.

If this is so, why have I, and many of us, lost pillars of people in life because of cancer? And why so young?          –      Are we really that bad?

At 29 I’m confused. I wish I could be Wonder Woman sometimes, and change the world. At least for some aspects.

At 29 what I can only do is inspiring more and more young people to travel out of their comfort zone, observe the world, learn from difficulties, adapt to every cultures, open the eyes on how this world is running, come back and educate the ones who stayed.

And I hope more people will do the same. That’s my wish for my 29th Birthday.

With Love and Determination,