My Worldwide Friendship With A Swedish Girl

As I usually write about my own lifestyle besides all the trips I do and the countries I live in, I feel the need to write about the importance of one specific person in my life and how she was always able to be there when I needed. Mentally and physically. She is the one who flies miles and miles to meet me, spending time with me, and getting me back on track whenever I feel a bit lost. And yes, I did feel lost.. few times.

Her name is Josefine, from the cold Sweden, although she is warm and passionate as a truly Italian! 🙂


I came to know Jos 3 years back when we both were living in the stunning island of Sri Lanka. Fate united us as we were working for the same project, spending most of the time together, sharing laughs, working tips, up and down moments etc. It was like as we knew each other since always.


Hey Jos! I’m addressing this part of the post directly to you now.. you’re probably shocked by reading a whole post only for you! XD

I’ve been living out of my comfort zone since 6 years now, facing new cultures, different lifestyles, food, mentalities, challenges and yes, difficulties. It’s been tough, but exciting at the same time. I met people who I had to leave, and people who were meant to stay in my globetrotting life, either physically or mentally. And yes, you are one of them. Precisely you are the only one met during my growing path to become an adult who actually takes a 12+ hours flight to visit me for 4 days. THANKS!!!


Thinking back to all the things, emotions, memories we shared I don’t even know where to start from. Guess I’ll go ahead with palms, rooftop pools and a blue indian ocean life as first: Sri Lanka. 

It’s the country that connected us. Lovely Colombo, that every foreigner/traveller dislike, we used to love it. We still do actually.

I still laugh when I think of us walking to the gym after work, exercising for only 15/20 minutes and then done, let’s go back home. This is too boring! XD

We do prefer to share a nice meal all together, especially when the whole family is there. Our little italian mafia with a swedish touch:


Ahh! How I miss those days. We should all do a reunion, and since me and Riccardo are living in the same city, I guess you Davide and Karin could fly here. That’s the only option available. Take it or take it.  (It’s only a 16 hours flight for you) 😛

Well we had so much fun going between beaches, temples, mountains, rooftop bars and pools, so many good things to eat. Our beloved cheese chicken kottu at 4am after clubbing. Gosh, I’m still dreaming about it now!

But, hey.. how to forget the day I woke up and told you “Let’s go and get a tattoo”. You were laughing so hard, couldn’t stop telling me Fede! you are crazy, and then you did it.. so easily! That’s why I like you so badly, you follow my crazy moods, no matter what!


Thank you Sri Lanka for uniting us! ❤

Next stop was.. Sweden! And this time I flew to visit you, from a 31° degree country to a 5° degree one, with NO winter clothes (very smart) – Fantastic! Thanks for that warm jacket at the airport, I could have not make it otherwise 😛


This wasn’t the jacket I was talking about, but this pic is sooo funny. I had to share! Pardon me for this! And probably for this too:


I love you because you are fun enough!

Getting back to the normal pics now. It was cold but fun in Sweden, and can’t wait to visit again, during warmer times.


It was probably one of the worst period ever of my life when in Mauritius. Nothing against the island itself, but I was super overloaded from work, stress, loss of people, and I can only remember how it was so hard to try to keep smiling everyday. My energy was gone and my body started a fight against me, like it was really telling me “I had enough”.

I usually don’t ask for help, especially when it’s something related to what I can’t explain, however you kind of felt there was something wrong. After few weeks you were in Mauritius. I am so thankful for this, and will be forever. Those 5 days felt like family is here. 🙂

A trip to the botanic gardens of Pamplemousses to see the giant turtles:

And the day I tried diving, completely freaking out, while you were just out there on the boat sunbathing and happy.

OMG how cold it was down there! Well, at least I understood that diving is not for me. Thank you for this!

I prefer discovering places on foot. XD And that’s what we did in the lovely Sofia, Bulgaria:


Last but not least, a reunion in Bahrain! (This is probably the weirdest reunion after me and Karin meeting in Iran 😛 )

What else to say!? Can’t wait for our next reunion, that I’m sure will happen pretty soon.

Thanks for being the kind, natural, simple, supporting, loving and hard-working woman as you are.

That day in Colombo someone gave me an other Sister. This is most probably the best part of my worldwide life: creating families all over the world.

See you soon, Jos!



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