Traveling the world alone: What It Really Means

If someone asks you now to pack your baggage and travel the world alone for free, leaving your job, your family, your friends to go for an unknown adventure, God knows where you will end up, will you do it?


Traveling alone means being enough brave to leave everything behind, even temporarily, and build yourself from place to place.

There is no mom or dad to tell you what or how you have to do and solve any problems you might face. You are alone, but with a difference, with the whole world with you. Sounds weird to understand and catch the meaning unless you have been travelling since long time.

Let me explain you why I am saying like this.

Leave everything and travel is easy to say, but not so easy to do. What did make us leave our comfort zone and discover the unknown? What are we escaping from?

1) The dissatisfaction in our young life.

 “The late twenties have proven complicated for us Generation Y kiddos. What we were told, what we expected, and what we got all turned out to be completely different things. And — just in time for that quarter-life crisis — a lot of us aren’t sure where to find meaning anymoreWe wanted to find meaning in our careers, but after a string of free internships and a round of layoffs, the majority of us are just making due with whatever will pay the bills. We want to find meaning in deep, powerful relationships, but 21st century technology has made it too easy to keep every type of relationship — from the platonic to the romantic — at a pretty superficial level. We read about those who have given up the nine-to-five to start traveling the world and we can’t help but go, “That’s it. This is how I will get meaning in my life. I will travel the world.”  (Abby Rosmarin – Blogger)

2) A too strict culture and life. A culture ruled by “Don’t” and “Can’t”. For the ones living in a small city, in a very close minded country, everything which is outside looks like danger, even if it’s beautiful, and good to see in a life time, it’s always linked to danger, as it’s not part of the culture. There will always be a member of your family which will tell you to come back at one point, because they don’t understand how you might feel, how your desires and way of seeing life are different. There will be a point in your travel life where you’ll start wondering where you belong, where your home is, why nobody (or just few ones) at home understands your mix of feelings: In that moment, the only thing you should never do is going back.

Move on, you will find lots of other people feeling exactly the same as you. You are not alone. 

3) The excitement for “touching”. What you were used to only see on a magazine, read on a history book or watch on Discovery Channel, National Geographic and so on… it’s all real! And your heart is just as excited as much.

4) Emotional pain. Hopefully this point is not suitable for everyone and I really do hope so. However some of us have been through some sort of emotional pain, smaller or bigger doesn’t matter: you might have lost the love of your life (that’s what the mind tells you), or your loved ones passed away, and yes, you physically lost them. To create a new meaning in life, after these kind of losses, you unconsciously become strong enough to take what you need and go.

5) The importance of having someone who believes in you, no matter what.

This last point should be the first one, but I write it now for you all to remember that having someone who deeply love us, and support us whatever we do, wherever we go, whatever mistake we make in life is a gift. This special person is always there (it can be one or more than one). Always be grateful for how he/she trusts you, no matter what. This one will be always wondering where you are, what you are doing, if you feel good or not. He/she will wait for your calls at anytime during the day or night, and be sure he’ll always pick up the phone. You can be ashamed to cry during a phone call, because your emotions at that moment are way too big to let them stop, but he will be the one and only one (I swear it) to say: “Nothing is a problem except for health. Anything can be solved. Don’t come back, Go ahead!”.

How can you not love this kind of person like nobody else in this world?!

All of these points, they might not suit each of us solo travelers, but I guess the majority.

Briefly there is a lot to go through before deciding to take that one-way ticket to somewhere and be ready to leave the current reality. Everywhere there is an obstacle or a challenge for you to overcome. And you will overcome it, unless you decide to go back home and feel “safe”. Apparently safe.

Traveling alone changes you, in positive. All the minor problems you were facing at home, they become a laugh, as you experienced something even hard to explain to your people. So, you’ll just leave it like it is.

After some days at home, you’ll finally book that other one way ticket, because you are eager to grow and discover more.

“If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine. It is lethal”


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