Einstein was right. Of course!

– You know that moment when you look into somebody’s eyes and you can feel them staring into your soul and the whole world goes quiet just for a second? 

– No, we use Snapchat, we don’t actually meet

There we go.

2015: the era of smart phones and stupid people, where a “like” is much more important than a kiss, hug, or a simple caress.

It’s totally true that now we cant get out of the social media virus, it has also become an important key for any kind of business to be known, get customers and grow.

Anything in life has its pros and cons, but it’s up to us how we want to manage our life: why should I prefer to open my Facebook account and be happy to find that the guy I like has put a “like” on one of my picture instead of actually meet him and show that we are interested in each other? It’s a matter of simplicity.

Technology is awesome when you are miles away from your loved ones and it helps you getting closer, with pictures, calls, video calls. But what is missing is the touch, can’t do anything about it, unless you decide to take a last minute plane on a 3 days weekend and you run to hug them, even for a few time. That’s where you get to know how meaningful is to be with people.

How can you get to know each other if you don’t meet ? I guess it’s really hard to explain feelings or the story of your life on whatsapp, or whatever other social media you are using. The butterflies in the stomach that we used to have when we met someone we liked, now it doesn’t exist, or it’s just something that is explained with an emoticon.  Unfortunately.

We spend so much time on social medias, that we don’t even realize if it is raining outside or if the sun is shining. That’s a kind of a big comparison to get the idea, but sometimes it is really like that.  Isn’t it so sad?

I spend lots of time on social media as well, for work and not, to get in touch with my friends around the world and to know whats going on in their lives as well. But then? Go out. Go and have fun with friends and spend a pleasant time with them, go to have a coffee with your love, or a walk on the beach or a nice romantic date at Mc Donalds if you cant afford to buy a dinner at Hilton Restaurant. Whatever! Go and don’t miss a thing in your life!

A short blog post to say it loud what we all already know.

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