From Colombo (SL) to China. Part 2 – Hong Kong

All you can do is in Hong Kong.

Very well known as a financial city, Hong Kong, is a tax-free destination and a shopping paradise for asian people, especially for Mainland chinese that every year take a flight to HK just for spending money, buying famous stuff at a lower price than in China.

What can you buy in Hong Kong? Everything.

From cheaper brands to the most expensive one, Hong Kong is the “fragrant harbour”.

Where to buy:

  1. Tsim Sha Tsui: “The giant world bazaar”. A see of stalls, shops, markets and malls.



2. Wan Chai: Not only the party district, here, you can also find numbers of malls, chinese furniture shops, tech items and street food.


Hong Kong is the place where to buy the latest Apple stuff at a very competitive price (prices are almost like the ones in the States). Don’t forget that Apple is designed in California, but it’s made in China!

Where to stay and what to eat:

Even if it’s a short or a long trip, Hong Kong is damn expensive! I personally spent a lot of money in food.

Restaurants are way too expensive, though, they offer you lots of varieties from all over the world. Whatever you crave to taste, you’ll find it there! But, be ready to pay quite a lot for it. 

Hotel wise, well, for young travellers that want adventure, I would suggest to stay downtown, next to Wan Chai Area (as said before, the party district): you won’t be bored.

I and my friend stayed in Kowloon, which is more of a residential area, close to Tsim Sha Tsui, the shopping area. From there to downtown is quite easy to go: you have lot of options like taxis, ferry or subway (from Tsim Sha Tsui station). If you take the taxi, you basically drive underwater as Kowloon is connected with an underwater tunnel to the island. So cooool! 


Kowl 2

What you can see from Kowloon side:

HK isl

Worth to stop by!


I stayed in HK for about 3 days, mainly eating and enjoying the good company of my friends in front of a glass of wine (or more than one 😛 ).

It was a great time, though a short one.

I reached again the airport and was ready for my next stop….

Time flies, and so do I! =)


P.S: All pictures are not mine. I lost all of them, so I had to rely on what google offered (which is not bad at all).  🙂