The real chinese food: PRETTY AWESOME!

Coming from Italy, I was used to eat fresh, healthy and delicious food such as lasagne, pizza, spaghetti, pasta with all kinds of sauces on it, ending with desserts such as tiramisu, with a soft and sweet cream inside, or icecreams (“gelato”) and so on..

Well, in China… if you forget the desserts, then the food is pretty awesome! 

It’s not what foreigners are imaging: not just fried food, fried bread, fried ice cream. No way!

Noodles are basically handmade, and most of the food is eaten sauteed or steamed. Such as rice noodles or dumplings with their wonderful filling inside: a mixture of meat and vegetables.

And this is not all of course: in some parts of China you can also eat dogs (that’s true, unfortunately), especially in the northern parts, or snakes in the South, or very good fish in the Ningbo area (where I actually live: south east of China).

You can eat from street food to luxury restaurants… and pay 4 yuan (RMB) for 10 dumplings on the street and 30 yuan (RMB) in a restaurant. The result? the 4 RMB dumplings are much better than the others.

So… it is true that you NEED to take care of the food you are eating, especially when eating meats. There are some cases in China where they sell rat meat instead of lamb meat. (And..actually … I think i tried it, and.. it was good!). But of course rats are not the most healthy animals in the world.

I tried snakes, grilled ones… and they were pretty awesome: so tasty, so delicious! yummy..

When going to China, forget the chinese restaurants in your cities: everything is different, everything is better. Don’t just judge from what you have in your country!

Italian restaurants are much better in Italy too than what you can find in your country! 😉


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