Who is Feddy?

Feddy is just a normal, simple, young girl (25… getting old) who loves traveling around the world.

Her dream is actually live and die in California: it was her first place to visit when 17, when her parents decided to let her go studying English in Los Angeles. That was a mistake… but for them! Cause they actually “lost” her daughter, between airports, planes, trains and ships.

28 countries visited in 5 years, let my friends ask “Where is Feddy today?”. Sometimes my parents didn’t know where in the world I was. But that’s normal. 

A bit crazy, passionate and DIYer (Can I say like this?!)… I mean, I strive to do thing by myself. I always want to learn from difficulties. I can cry a lot, I can shout and scream alone, I can be desperate but… be sure, that after that I will open my eyes and smile.

I’ve been living in the US, China, Italy and South America, having the chance to travel on weekends or during my vacations time. My heart is spread out in so many parts of this wonderful world.

My best experience? the most difficult one: living in a city in China called Yuyao. But that’s an other story…

Start to follow me and I’ll keep you updated with photos, news and secrets.. from around the world!


2 thoughts on “Who is Feddy?

  1. Hey girl, I have just had a little browse on your blog!! I love it. It’s so down to earth and you can tell you are writing it for your own purposes as well as informing others. I totally can relate with moving to china being the most difficult. I’m currently living in Taiwan in Zhunan a very quiet neighborhood. Boy it has had it’s challenges I love it and hate it at the same time. Good luck with the rest of your travels. Ill be going to Sri Lanka in October so Ill definitely have browse to see where the best places are to visit. I was thinking about a quick trip to maldives? But is it really expensive and whats with these massive tax charges.

    Anyways stay blessed!! Happy travels girl

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    1. Hello girl! Thanks for your message.. really appreciated! and I am glad you can understand me as well =)
      When you come to Sri Lanka just drop me a message on Facebook! i’ll give you tips where to go, what to see and where to eat (important!).
      Maldives might be expensive, but we can find offers on special sites and it depends where you go.

      Anyway add me on fb: Federica petrilli

      Have a nice day! =)

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