Working as a foreigner in China

Where to begins… I love describe China as “a different world placed in the Earth”; cause actually it is opposite to the common world we are living in. Architecture, lifestyle, mentality, synergy, way to eat, education and so on… Let’s start with something due to the past political situation: Everybody seems to like the same things in China: if a chinese likes berries, be sure that the majority of chinese like berries. This is a stupid little example to say that most of the people there follow what the boss or the leader says. This is mainly due to the strong and past political situations they had (The Communism). One mind works for a thousand ones… That could be seen as a positive or negative point: On one hand they seem to be united, with a well linked power; on the other hand, if you get to work with them, you’ll start to become crazy as if you recognize a mistake, but the leader says it is NOT  a mistake, they won’t correct it at all, or at least, just in part. And the mistake remains… I’m talking about the majority of chinese people living and growing up in China. Not all of them are the same. I want to be clear about this. I am just underlying that there is a very important type of respect for “the leader”, for whom to follow, for whom to take orders. Their way is straight and one. I think working with chinese is hard, especially at the begin. There are so many things you wont understand till you finally get into their mentality and you start to follow their rules and minds. You need to adapt to their thoughts, or you’ll be totally out of the system. You wont understand anything, but just starting to get more and more crazy. So..take a very deep breathe before beginning, close your eyes, smile inside yourself, listen to some relaxing chinese music and start your daily work in China. =) SMILE!