A weekend in the Maldives…

Yes, finally I took some time for myself and had the chance and time to fly again: Colombo-Male (Maldives), 1.5 hour flight, with Korean Air, the best service I’ve ever had in such a short flight.

After just one month of working in Colombo, I felt like I was working for half year with no days off. Seriously. Even when off, people kept asking me about the project I am working for, the issues that the government of SL was concerned about, and all that bla bla that news came up with. Cause, honestly, it is just a “bla bla bla”: it’s so sad reading fake news every single day about something that you care about, while people are just messing around with it. It’s a complicated thing to describe here, but the point is that I arrived to have very bad black days, where all went wrong, where my anger came all out at once, where I couldn’t stand to open a newspaper anymore and I interacted with people in the wrong way.

I might take too much too seriously, always, and thats the negative-positive point of myself, which I guess I can’t do anything to improve. It’s just me…

Anyway, I was totally out of my mind that I needed a vacation, even a short one. So i flew to Maldives.



I didn’t fly there just to spend money and relax, but still, as an active person, I can’t stay all day at the beach, I need to explore what’s around… I didn’t chose the resort (it was way too expensive also), but a small cute hotel in Maafushi island. The hotel was great and comfortable, about the island: beautiful water, nice beaches and huge prison!


Thats’s all I saw there…nothing else, except for restaurants and boats.



Maldives are muslim islands, so you are not allowed to buy alcohol outside the resorts, plus you are not allowed to wear a bikini on the public area, including the public local beach area. That is why they created a small private beach, called “bikini beach”, but as the size is really small it gets crowdy soon.


Cause nothing to do, I got almost forced to lay down on the beach and get tent, and swim a lot.. =)

It is time to go to MaleCity and take the boat to the airport. On my way to the port, I took a taxi: the taxi driver lived in Sri Lanka for so many years, so we started to talk about it until he asked me: “Where do you work in Sri Lanka?“. Well, I wondered a bit if i should say the truth or better to avoid other potential questions.. i said the truth. And guess what was the next question:

“Really? Didn’t they stop the project?”    “-.-

Nice. Good job Fede! So here I go..and start again to explain that all those news were not official/real and again bla bla bla..

Leaving finally Male airport, after 5 hours waiting in the lobby, with no wifi (cause wifi is for local sim card holders), hanging around the “200 sqm” airport, I almost got to know the staff of the little shops there, as I was just walking and walking around that area, just to cut time, or try to…. I arrived in Sri Lanka, finally!

I was the first one to get off the plane, I went fast to the passport control, happy that I was the first one there as well…I showed the passport, he saw my visa, he read it carefully and asked me:

“Are you working for Port City Project? The one that they stopped?”

Welcome back to Sri Lanka, and to your daily routine Feddy!