My 48th Country: The Wonderful Tunisia

Flying back home for Christmas after 5 long years has been more than exciting, full of love, hugs and lots of italian homemade food. Something that I miss it most of the times being abroad, living a life on a suitcase, with no plans or visions to settle down yet.

It was great to be back, however I can’t get rid of my nomadic side and I decided to spend my NYE in a place I’ve never been, which positively surprised me way too much: The wonderful Tunisia.


I flew from Rome to Tunis with Alitalia, the journey was just about 50 minutes long, just the time to eat a bresaola panino and we arrived. The airport is only 10 minutes drive to Tunis with no traffic and it costs around 6-9 (max) Tunisian dinar. As in many other airports around the world you’ll find taxi drivers that will ask you for more, but I was lucky enough to find a very honest one with no need to negotiate.

Tunisia is now suffering from the lack of tourism since few years and unfortunately the future does not look brighter for it. People are scared to travel to most of the arab countries, due to the numerous attacks that have been happening all over the world. It’s such a big issue that I can’t even dig in too much, I would end up going off topic. What I can definitely say and confirm is that people of these countries are totally AGAINST all these horrible attacks and terrible people behind it. Sometimes we should just watch less TV, listen to our hearts, not being scared, and believe that this world is full of good people too. And I found a lot of them in Tunisia: from the honest taxi driver, to the kind and smiling people at the Kebab store next to my hotel, to the people on the street helping me to find some places, to the people in the Medina telling me the stories of what was Tunisia before tourism dropped, and so on.

Anyway Tunisia is a beautiful land to discover, and I hope that with my pictures you can feel a bit of my excitement when seeing those master pieces. 🙂


I spent my first day in Tunis and it’s quite easy to go around unless you find too much traffic downtown. Places to visit are the Medina, the lake of Tunis and the downtown area.

The lake area is where most of the cozy restaurants and cafés are. Perfect to have a walk by the lake during sunset times. I was amazed by the colours of the sky reflecting into the water. It was so quiet and relaxing that I could hear birds singing.


The Medina is just at the end of the main road in downtown; there is a big arch leading to it and, as in every kind of Medinas, you will immerge yourself in between locals, colours, street food, hijabs, camel leather and cute kids running around.

The real discover was during my next days, visiting the ancient Carthage and some little towns next to it: Marsa and Sidi Bou Said.

The beauty of Carthage is something I am not able to explain with words, it was just breathless and a continuous “WOAH!”. There is something to admire at every corner. So much history there!



The Roman Villas:


The “Thermes of Antonine”:


The Museum and its view from the top:



My trip continued with the touristic area of Marsa Plage: beach, crystalline sea and baby camels.

Walking by the beach or having a tea in the corniche area, I was happy like a kid.



I ended my trip with Sidi Bou Said, the so called “Blue town”. Full of flowers and white and blue buildings reminding me of Greece:



And that’s how I spent my NYE doing the thing I do best: exploring the world.

If you ever want to listen to my words, dear readers, please VISIT TUNISIA.


Let’s see now what’s next.. 😉