Finding The Magic Side Of Life

This is not a post that is meant to be like any other informative blog articles that I am writing to explain my travels, the people I meet, the difficulties I face generally talking.

This is going to be mainly a reflection of our paths and processes of growing up: the difference of our brain when we are living in our small hometown, watching TV, reading magazines, books, watching lots of shows etc, and the one when we watch the TV, read books, newspapers, write emails, make Skype calls and so on.. sitting on a random cafe of an “unknown” city, drinking coffee, all alone.

The difference is the so called “comfort zone”. What is it?

Simply, your comfort zone is a behavioral space where your activities and behaviors fit a routine and pattern that minimizes stress and risk. It provides a state of mental security. You benefit in obvious ways: regular happiness, low anxiety, and reduced stress.

We were all born within it, following the society’s standards of a civilised country: go to school, study, go to university, get a degree, find a good job with a good salary, marry and form a family (which means: buy a house, a car and settle down).

And it’s all perfect, we follow the structure of the society, until we, for any reasons, decide to escape. What are we running away from?

From the obvious. From the society who impose us to be in a certain way, that, probably, we are not meant to be. This is when we find ourselves to be different from what we were years ago: I personally wanted a life of success, in terms of career, money and family; living a routine life, maybe not in Italy,  maybe in California, but still I have always wanted to settle down by 26.

I’m 27 now and all I want is a life full of challenges until I have the energy to do that. Settling down? I tried last year, and after a while I realised that routine wasn’t actually my thing. I got to understand that if I stop somewhere now my mind starts to go backwards instead of moving forward and being even more open. Struggling to follow the society’s mentality.

Whatever country is, our mind is kind of forced to act in a certain way to be part of the “club”. Whoever is a rebel, is suffering from this. Hence my need to go and move on.

What makes us rebel? The fact that we know the world has lots of misconceptions about people, religions, countries etc. What we are supposed to do is trying to make changes in stubborns minds, though it’s difficult. It’s very difficult. Even if those people are part of your family, or they are friends that you know since ages. 

And it’s so hard simply because they see the world through a screen, while we touch the reality. 

If you are willing to explore the world, book the trip without an organised tour, go to places where you literally can get lost, where your credit card doesn’t work, and find people who can help you, no matter if you can’t give help back. Find humanity and the place where you belong.. which is going to be the world.  🙂