Those Times

I’ve been thinking to start writing again lately but never felt what to write about. I have a lot to say but somehow words don’t come out. It happens sometimes. It’s just as like when artists say “we need inspiration to create art”. So do I.

And so there she goes. Travelling, exploring, finding herself back again while sit on a train looking out the window.

I like to call them TT, Those Times: the times where I reconnect to my soul; the times where I listen to my heart; the times where I let go of any surrounding problem and there’s just me; the times where I get emotional for just being nicely quiet and silent with myself.

I am a person who needs TT from time to time. 

It’s been almost an year since I’m back in my Italy.

From the first scary months it now seems that all is going the way I’ve wanted to go. Escaping from country to country raised me up as a strong, open minded and tough girl, which are all typical aspects of someone who will never be at peace with herself if surrounded by the “wrong” (different) society stereotypes. And this is what is scary when you decide to come back to your origins.

It wasn’t easy at all at the beginning and I kind of felt I was in need to have someone by my side to be able to share moments, feelings and thoughts with him and to actually have some sort of strength to go ahead with my decision.  Well, needless to say that I found the only strength I needed inside me: yet I’m alone (for the meaning that I don’t have a relationship) and I’m happy to be.

You know when you realise you’ve met the person for your soul but it was not the right time? I’m probably the least romantic girl in this world, however I got to understand what my heart wants.

So, It’s time for waiting. 

And to Those Times, Thank You.