Indonesia Is Not Only Bali

Bali, Bali, Bali… we never stop hearing the name of this beautiful island in Indonesia from anywhere in the world. Yes, but Indonesia is not only Bali. In this post I’ll share some of the hidden (or less touristic) treasures of the country – only the ones I’ve been though.

I’ve lived in Indonesia for 7 months, in Jakarta, which is known to be one of the most trafficked cities in the world. I confirm this – but that can be also an excuse to escape from traffic and pollution during weekends, flying to other cities in the country or to different islands.

Let’s start with Yogyakarta – one of the city in the island of Java and the centre of education and culture.



Home of the two historical temples: Borobudur Temple (in the picture above) and Prambanan Temple.

Borobodur Temple, or Candi Borobudur (Ancient Borobudur), is the world’s largest Buddhist Temple. It is situated in Magelang city, very closed to Yogyakarta. You can fly there from Jakarta with 1.5h trip, and take a special tour from hotels to reach the temple or get a bike ride. A funny thing: there is no car Uber in Yogyakarta. You will only find motorbikes.

An interesting fact about Jogja is that you can find many local students around trying to get to know foreigners, or simply talk to you, to improve their english skills. I was amazed by this. Best way to practice it! Good job to all the english schools in Yogyakarta!


Besides all the ancient beauties you may find in Jogja, there is a specific hotel that got my heart: exactly in the middle of nowhere, between Magelang and Jogja, an surrounded by green, flowers and mountains there is one of the masterpiece of Hyatt Regency Hotels. I recommend to stay there, you’ll be fascinated by its nature and charme.




There are many other things to do in Jogja, such as hiking to the vulcan, which I did not do it as I had no time; however that’s something worth to try.

Going towards the East of Java, there is the second biggest city in Indonesia: Surabaya. It’s a lovely and developing city, full of flowers, green, birds singing around and rooftops. So many beautiful rooftops where to have a drink, or a meal while watching the sunset.


Sky36 is the name of the restaurant above – it’s actually my favourite, but there are plenty of other ones like the one at Java Paragon Hotel:


Surabaya is also the first stop before going to the famous Mount Bromo. In fact, it’s around 3-4h driving from the city to the mountain. It’s simply spectacular going there to admire the sunrise: one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. I suggest to go when it is not public holiday in Indonesia, or there will be too many people. Be also prepared for the super cold weather up there – you don’t want to miss this place:





Simply Awesome!

Last but not at least, there are thousands of magic islands just 2 hours by speed boat from Jakarta. Clear water, fishes and sun will be waiting for you as well with some good relax. It’s a simple island, with only one restaurant and a pub, nothing else to do if not enjoying the nature. And that’s the best! πŸ™‚


Safe trips!


26 thoughts on “Indonesia Is Not Only Bali

  1. I am planning to spend a month in Indonesia next August!! Can you sleep nearby the vulcano to be there in time for sunrise? How do you get there, renting a car or touristic trips?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi! Yes, you mean the Mount Bromo? You can either stay in surabaya and the travel tour comes pick you up at 11PM the night before, and drive you to the mountain (you’ll need to walk the last part). Or, there is one hotel near the mountain as well. You can choose – this trip can only be booked with a travel tour. Can’t go on your own.


  2. Indonesia seems amazing. Last year I decided last minute to go in Asia and I really wanted to go there, but I haven’t enough time to get a visa so I went in Thailand again…


  3. You are absolutely right! I keep hearing about Bali but Insonesia is so much more! I loved all the suggestions in your article and the amazing pictures. When I’ll plan a trip there I will definitely contact you, after living there you are basically like a local! πŸ˜‰

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  4. Bali, you are right, it is a pretty place but Indonesia is fairly more. I am in Perth now, so i can easly reach Indonesia, you made me want to visit it. your post will be useful to me


  5. I admit I didn’t know a lot about Indonesia and all the beautiful places you can visit there. That’s why I really liked your post and I wanted to thank you for teaching me that there’s more to Indonesia than Bali πŸ˜‰


  6. In October I irrevocably chose Indonesia for this summer. Never been alone in a such a long trip!! That’s the only big doubt about it (and humid head, too, i admit)…
    But, admiring for another time this simply stunning shots…what can i say!!?? That’s heaven, that’s the right place for me!!!
    I loved so much shots taken in Hyatt Regency Hotels! I really want to go there!
    So…thanks so much. You inspired me!
    Your experience about weather?


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