#56: An Unforgettable Surprise! – Romania

For the past months I’ve been travelling here and there, mostly in cold places. Living usually in warm/hot places I was kind of missing the winter feeling probably, that I decided to take trips to all those cold countries, breathing fresh air and freezing myself. 🙂

Now I do remember why I don’t like to live with such a cold weather around! My body was hating me for such a decision! XD  – However I do have to give 5 to Romania: I’ve never felt that kind of Christmas magic in my whole adult life. Thumbs up!

I was astonished from the beauty of Bucharest’s streets, squares and parks. Very good job to all the people and the government who helped creating this magic all around the city. SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL.


As an Italian, I must say that people in my country have big, huge misconceptions of how Romania looks like and how Romanians behave in their daily life. And I’ve noticed that Romanians are aware of this big gap within Italians’ mentality: honestly we can’t judge them – as we do know that there is a high number of pick-pocketing in Italy coming from Romania, in big cities like Rome or Milan, that doesn’t help to make those cities as safe as we would like them to be. However we also know that if people do not travel, they will never ever see the world how it really is. And the main aim of my blog, my voice and myself is to try and correct misconceptions as much as I can.


The picture above represents the Christmas night market in the city. Wow! It was freezing but there were so many people around, eating , dancing, singing, and of course drinking to warm it up! (Btw food was super tasty!)

Bucharest itself is clean and tidy, especially in downtown. Police is all around and nobody annoys you. It’s a party city, and like all other party cities, you can’t get bored – there is no chance: everywhere there is a pub, or a club, or people outside inviting you to come in, giving you free shots and even more. I don’t know how come, but we ended up drinking shots and a bottle of wine for free just cause it was my friend’s birthday! XD

Thanks Bucharest! 🙂



I felt in love with the architecture, and those ancient buildings who surrounded us when walking in downtown. Majestic, I would say.




The Metro runs very efficiently and it’s super cheap – like 50 cents (Euro) each person more or less. It can be used until 11.30pm. Unfortunately there is no metro till the airport which is situated in Otopeni (just next to Bucharest), however taxis are pretty reasonable too and it costs around 10 Euro (downtown/airport).

When you step out of the city centre you can easily notice the difference. Buildings are a bit old and less well maintained, but that’s also the beauty of each place too: simplicity and traditions. I think I’ll never forget when our first taxi driver told us how he misses the real Bucharest:

“Bucharest used to be very beautiful. Now modern and tall buildings are everywhere. There is no more tradition” – his words.

I can understand. It’s like.. Rome would never be the same if modernity will take over.



We took a day off from Bucharest and went to Constanta by bus on a daily trip to the seaside of the country.

Constanta used to be very famous and a cheap place to spend holidays, not only for Romanians, but for Italians too. Guess what? We could even speak Italian there – they were all speaking a bit of our language. Honestly, their language is really so similar to Italian – they were all so well used to body language that I didn’t even have to ask for a translation when speaking or listening: I was speaking in Italian, they were replying in Romanian and we all understood each other. Perfetto! 🙂




It’s a very nice place with kind people, however it’s very recommended to go there when it’s warmer so there is more life and people can enjoy the beautiful beaches too.

Our trip to Romania ended there. We had lots of fun and I am personally very glad to have seen myself what the country looks like and how locals are and behave.

Merci Romania – Tutti gli Italiani dovrebbero venirti a visitare!

Ciao and… #56 for me!


25 thoughts on “#56: An Unforgettable Surprise! – Romania

  1. Thank you for sharing your experience and Romania and I’m glad you had such a nice time. You are right, only if you travel you can find out how a country and its inhabitants really are.


  2. Romania is a country on the top of our list. We don’t know why but it’s on our travel wish since we have opened our blog!


  3. Accipicchia che foto ! Complimenti davvero. ..
    Mi piace molto questo tuo post di una meta ancora poco battuta, per lo meno ma noi italiani . Sono rimasta sbalordita dalle decorazioni, questa capitale potrà tranquillamente competere tra qualche tempo con altre ben più famose e frequentate in occasione della feste!

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  4. You are right, there are way too many misconception about some places in the world that actually we must go visit at least one time! I think travel helps people go beyond stereoypes and actually see the beauty around us! Awsome article about Romania!

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  5. I was super happy to read this post. Yesterday I was taking with a friend about flying in Romania for a long weekend and she repeated me all classic Italian misjudgement about this place. Well, I think I will plan a trip here thanks to you 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I went in Transilvania 3 years ago. I loved!! I visited 50 countries (more or less) but Romania is in my heart such as few of them. Why? People’s kindness and sweetness. They are really special. You can feel at home. We really need to delete preconception!! How sad and stupid is it? I agree with you, Feddy. This was the most remarkable thought in your post. Thanks so much: your enthusiasm about Bucarest gave me the idea to discover it in next months, coming back in Romania. Nice pictures about Constanta, too!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Ho prenotato per Pasqua, 4 gg! L’idea di Bucarest si è fatta strada improvvisamente dopo il tuo post (altre review positive di blogger che seguo han fatto il resto). Thanksss to you!! So much!!


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